Ask the Authors

In writing about various subjects, we of course try to anticipate common questions that people might be wondering about, but we would also like to make room for questions to be asked directly.  These questions could range from simple questions about how to understand a certain Bible passage to understanding a complex philosophical concept.  Responses will also vary depending on what is required by the question.  For some questions, we may be able to give a short reply, while others may require more explanation in article form.  Additionally, if we receive many of the same types of questions regarding a certain topic, it would probably be best to respond to those questions in a series of articles.  Naturally, the response time for a short reply will be less than that of a series of articles, but we hope to explore what questions we get as soon as we can.

We will continue to write about topics we feel to be important, but we also want to be able to help people in understanding their most pressing questions to the best of our ability.  These questions can be submitted to us by email at:

You can also state whether you want your question to be published on our site or not.  You can also request that we publish your question, but anonymously (without your name on it).

Previous Questions

Question #1-What makes a Christian a Christian?

Question #2-How can we say that the Christian God is the true God?

Question #3-How can the God of the Old Testament be reconciled with the God of the New Testament?

Question #4-What does eternal life look like?  What will we be doing?  Will we recognize each other, and will we be married there?

Question #5-In Psalm 136, it speaks wonderfully about God’s love, but then it talks about Him killing kings, so does God love all people or only His people?

  1. good stuff. thanks much!

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